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ALLURE Sugaring


is now located inside ALLURE! 


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ALLURE Sugaring is your one-stop-shop beauty facility that specializes in sugaring, lash extensions, facials, skin care and much, much more. 

Each staff member is well educated in advanced skin care treatments and sugaring. 

Beverly is a Master Sugarist as well as a skilled Lash Artist. She has a passion for holistic skin care and whole body wellness.

Hannah has a long background in sugaring and skin care. She also has a passion for education and keeping well informed in this ever-changing industry.

Megan has a strong history in skin care and custom treatments. She has a special talent for eyelash extensions and is continually learning new techniques and treatments.


What We Do


Sugaring is an ancient Egyptian form of hair removal using a paste made of water, sugar and lemon juice. The paste is carefully manipulated and maneuvered acrossed the skin by hand. Once it is melted into the follicles, it is flicked away by the esthetician's hand and the hair is pulled from the follicle. Sugaring is gentle to the skin, it does not cause burns or "lifting". Sugaring is excellent in reducing future hair growth and ingrown hairs. 

Hair should be at least 1/8-1/4 inch long (length of a grain of rice or 2+ weeks without shaving). Do not trim or shave before your appointment. Exfoliate the skin approximately 24 hours before the appointment. Please refrain from using oily products on the skin the day of your sugaring appointment. 

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